Program Overview

A certification program for care wards, departments or facilities offered by Sweden’s Stiftelsen Silviahemmet. Through Swedish Care International, Silviahemmet Certification is available to organisations worldwide and a special Silviahemmet E+ Certification is now available to acquire online!
Certification or E+ Certification means that all personnel within the ward, department or facility are given dementia care training stemming from the Silviahemmet care methodology. 
providing dementia care

The highest quality of care

providing support to elderly
The objective is to ensure all team members are dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of life for guests with a cognitive impairment diagnosis, no matter how far the progression of the disease.
The program provides a unified philosophy and system for the whole organisation to apply in their daily operations.

Key Information

  • Target group: Nursing homes, home care organisations, hospitals or other organisations
  • Structure: knowledge audit, 3 parts of training, and yearly follow-ups
  • Location/Format: Online – e-learning program and instructor lead live seminars (Silviahemmet E+ Certification) or In-house training (Silviahemmet Certification)
  • Duration: Valid for 3 years, could be extended afterwards 
  • Language: English/Swedish (other languages could be requested)

Why this program?

Acquire Sweden's know-how

Your organization will become an official national education partner of Swedish Care International applying Sweden’s best Silviahemmet dementia care methodology.

Covers all key parts of care

The program focuses on four cornerstones: Person-centred care/Symptom control, Family support, Teamwork, and Communication. It covers all essential aspects of daily patient care, support of family and care management.

Unified care philosophy for organisation

A solid education for caregivers and managers to enable one of the world’s best dementia care methodology and provide unified care system for the whole organisation.

Recommended by nursing home managers

Managers of certified nursing homes in Sweden identified better teamwork and lower staff rotation, improved relations with family members and patients, increased perceived quality of life of patients.

Improvements in care

Clinical data of certified units showed improvements in the daily routines and mobility of patients, decreased use of coercive measures and medication, less frequent behavioural problems.

20+ years of experience

The methodology has been developed for over 20 years by Sweden’s best experts in palliative and dementia care. It has been successfully applied in various settings – residential care, home care, daycare, geriatric units and hospitals, municipalities.

Education provider

The Silviahemmet methodology was developed by Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, a Swedish center of excellence in dementia care and dementia care training founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1996. The methodology is person-centered and based on the palliative approach, to promote life and diminish suffering from early symptoms of dementia until the end of life. 


"The quality of care and support for residents have improved many times. All those who are affected are more satisfied, including relatives. With a sensible concept and common philosophy within an institution, everyone can stick to it and know how the structures and teamwork. I am impressed by facts that are visible – we were able to reduce medication, curb the tendency to run away, better control incontinence, reduce the problem of staying asleep, increase communication and strengthen social contacts."

- Marie-Luise Bertels, Managing Partner, St. Anna-Stift Kroge, Germany

Photo: Yanan Lin

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