Program Overview

Stiftelsen Silviahemmet (The Silviahemmet Foundation) offers training certification for entire care wards, departments or facilities. This means that all personnel within the ward, department or facility – from care professionals to maintenance; cooks to drivers; volunteers to supervisors – are given dementia care training stemming from the Silviahemmet care methodology. 
Queen Silvia Nursing Award
Queen Silvia Nursing Award
The objective behind this dissemination of knowledge is to ensure all team members are dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality of life experience for guests with a cognitive impairment diagnosis, no matter how far the progression of the disease, as well as their family members.
The Silviahemmet methodology was developed by Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, a Swedish center of excellence in dementia care and dementia care training founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1996. The methodology is person-centered and based on the palliative approach, to promote life and diminish suffer- ing from early symptoms of dementia until the end of life. 

Key Information

  • Target group: Nursing homes, home care organisations, dementia care units or other organisations working in dementia care. 
  • Format: 3 parts of face-to-face training, including a special training for managers. 
  • Location: In-house. 
  • Duration: 8 days in total for up to 20 participants (length of training depends on unit size). 
  • Language: English/Swedish (with a possibility of using an interpreter for other languages).

Why this program?

Becoming a national partner

Your organization will become a national education partner applying Swedish Silviahemmet dementia care methodology in their organization.

Covers all key parts of care

The program covers four cornerstones of the methodology: Person-centred care/Symptom control, Family support, Teamwork, and Communication and relation.

Training for the entire institution

Silviahemmet Certification provides a solid education for managers, caregivers and other employees of the organization in one of the world’s best dementia care practices.

Focus areas

Silviahemmet certification focuses on three areas: Good leadership, Trained personnel, and Shared care methodology.

The highest quality of care

The methodology forms the foundation of the education aiming at the highest quality of life regardless of the phase or type of dementia disease.
Interactive and flexible: learning model.

20± years of experience

The methodology has been developed for over 20 years and is proven through research and practice to improve the quality of life of the people with dementia, their relatives as well as caregivers.

Education provider

A Swedish centre of excellence in dementia care and education, founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1996. 


- Ulrich Zerhusen, CEO & Owner, 

St. Anna-Stift, Germany

"Train the Trainer differs, in that, it gives us as an organization the flexibility to train our employees when and where it is the most productive for us. We have noticed an increase in awareness and knowledge in our staff.  With the tools that the program provides, they are better equipped to provide quality care that is patient centric."

Photo: Yanan Lin

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