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Bringing together stakeholders committed to healthy ageing and dementia-ready communities

Swedish Care International is a Stockholm-based organization driven by engagement in global demographic change and the increasing prevalence of dementia in our societies. We are one of the Founding organizations of the Queen Silvia Nursing Award, Dementia Forum X, and Geras Solutions.

Awareness Projects


Swedish Care International is proud to initiate and lead projects with a global focus that aim to improve the status of nurses and create a dialogue between key partners to address the global challenges that dementia poses to both communities and individuals. Below you can read more about our two projects Queen Silvia Nursing Award and Dementia Forum X.


The Queen Silvia Nursing Award is an annual competition for nurses and nursing students that engages the industry's most talented individuals and recognises their most creative ideas to elevate the nursing profession and improve healthcare.

With the support of Her Majesty Queen Silvia.

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Dementia Forum X paves the way for high-level dialogue on the challenges that age-related demographic changes and dementia pose to societies, individuals and healthcare systems in order to address them more effectively.
Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, the meeting in Stockholm brings together key stakeholders from different fields.

Her Majesty The Queen Silvia Queen Silvia

Queen Silvia Nursing Award, 2022

Caroline Bjarnevi

Queen Silvia Nursing Award, 2022


Bernadotte Library, Stockholm Palace

Dementia Forum X, 2019

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Virtual meeting

Dementia Forum X, 2021

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