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What is Geras Solutions?

Geras Solutions started in 2016 in Stockholm as a project within Swedish Care International. The idea is to take advantage of modern technology to strengthen both the diagnosis and prevention of dementia.

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Geras Solutions

Geras Solutions’ mission is to increase the accessibility and possibility to detect people suffering from cognitive disorders for example Alzheimer’s at an earlier stage to enable the best possible care and treatment.

Geras Solutions provides a digital tool and decision support for cognitive assessment in case of suspected cognitive disease. The tool is developed in collaboration with primary care centers and specialist clinics and has been tested clinically at for example Karolinska University Hospital.

With the help of a tablet, patients and relatives can administer parts of the investigation themselves, at home in a non-stressful environment. The results are interpreted automatically and presented in a separate interface for healthcare.

Geras Solutions strengthen healthcare with better tools for higher quality, and more equal care also to ensure that healthcare resources are used in a more optimal way.

Read more about Geras Solutions and the digital tool at is the world’s first digital memory clinic where private individuals can reach out directly to receive a digital assessment of memory and the brain’s other functions without having to leave home.

Users answer a number of questions about their situation and their state of health.  In the app, they can then do the same type of cognitive tests that are done in healthcare. Relatives can easily contribute with their views on symptom development.

After all parts of the investigation have been completed, the specialists at review the results in detail. Thereafter, the user receives a statement from a specialist and advice on any need for further investigation with blood tests and a brain scan at the hospital.

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