Course Overview

Based on Silviahemmet care methodology

It’s no secret that dementia caregiving can take an emotional, financial and physical toll. As a caregiver, you may feel exhausted or overwhelmed sometimes. Are you facing many uncontrollable situations, such as normal daily activities in dressing, bathing and eating? Are you also struggling with aggressive behaviors and dealing with the impact of the disease? Unfortunately, you cannot simply change the behavior of a person living with dementia. You need knowledge and effective tools that can help you.

carer and elderly people

The Swedish Dementia Care e-learning program provides you with theoretical knowledge and practical advice and tips on how to provide good person-centered dementia care while promoting a higher quality of life.

The course is based on the internationally recognized Swedish Silviahemmet dementia care methodology. It brings together the knowledge and practice of more than 20 years of Swedish experience.

The course will help you to answer these and other questions:

  • How can I communicate with my loved one?
  • Why is my loved one acting like a different person? 
  • How to enable my loved one to be more confident via enhancing independence?
  • How do I make eating more joyful? 
  • How can I ensure my loved one walks about safely? 
  • How can I assist my loved one with toilet visits with dignity? What should I do in case of incontinence?
  • How can I manage my own feelings and stress?
elderly couple
Throughout the process, learners will be exposed to a large number of real-life cases and gain a deeper understanding and empathy for the experience of the person living with dementia. Learners have the flexibility to take the course anywhere, anytime without being worried about being interrupted and can redo the modules multiple times.

Key information

  • Format: self-paced e-learning
  • Duration: approx. 30 hours (10 online modules including 30+ lessons), a one-month access
  • Language: English
  • Education Provider: Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, powered by Swedish Care International
  • Special price: 150 Eur incl. VAT 45 Eur* (get 70% discount today!)

What do you get?

Solid knowledge in dementia disease symptom control and daily dementia care
Practical care tips based on the Swedish experience and person-centered methodology 
One-year course access and self-paced learning 
Completion certificate issued by Stiftelsen Silviahemmet, a foundation of Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden

Who can learn?

Family members
Professional caregivers
Individuals who are interested in the dementia caregiving knowledge


In order to ensure best quality in our courses we utilised best practices in instructional design and adult learning theory. Several stakeholders were included in the design and development phases of the e-learning such as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), designers and testers.

The SMEs were qualified dementia care nurses and experts within the Silviahemmet methodology and have been awarded the certification by Sophiahemmet University, Stiftelsen Silviahemmet and HM Queen Silvia of Sweden. Throughout the whole project they were providing experience, expertise and guidance in dementia care methodologies and practices based on Silviahemmet’s care philosophy. 

We collaborated with in-house designers to develop an attractive user interface and produce our e-learning personas through whom the learners can empathize and learn more about old age and how it affects the person and everyone else involved in the care. Testers from different socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds provided us with valuable feedback regarding the learner’s experience and journey. 

In order to attain optimal learning outcomes, we implemented the latest methods in the e-learning field such as microlearning, gamification and video based learning. Thus the theory is divided into small bite-sized interactive pieces accompanied with practical advice and tips.

dementia care infographic
dementia care infographic

Education provider

Silvia Hemmet logo

A Swedish centre of excellence in dementia care and education, founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden in 1996. Knowledge and methodology in this program is based on Silviahemmet dementia care philosophy.


An international dementia education company that brings Swedish knowledge and best practices to the world. SCI has developed this e-learning program and made it available internationally.



“Now, I feel way more knowledgeable in addressing different challenges when taking care of my grandmother. I am also more comfortable in discussing and advising my other relatives that have not undergone any courses, suggesting to them a different point of view with an understanding that our beloved grandmother and her behavior is a result of a specific disease.”

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