Program overview

SCI’s Dementia Leadership program consists of 5 modules to address challenges in elderly facility management, secure opportunities for impact and improvement, in order to move organizations towards systematic progress control and follow-up. Through person-centered care, staff empowerment and care planning methods, participants will receive practical advice on how managers can reduce risk, gain trust, and grow their reputations.

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This is an intensive 3-day training program for elderly care facility managers and leaders. Participants will learn and apply the Swedish methodology of everyday leadership and best practices to lead senior care organizations.

We are in the midst of rapid population aging worldwide, which means the need for proper caregiving is also in high demand. This presents continuous challenges to elderly care management teams. There is the constant need to juggle a high standard of quality care, comply with local regulatory guidelines, maintain a team of engaged professionals, all while growing your community reputation and stabilising balance sheets. With so much at stake, where can managers find solid practice and inspiration to utilize limited resources dynamically?

Key Information

  • Format: intensive and interactive face-to-face training for a small group of managers (up to 15 people), with an optional day for a professional study visit in Stockholm
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Language: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Education Provider: Swedish Care International

What do you get?

SCI’s 3-day Dementia Leadership program addressing sustainable nursing home management that ensures high quality of care, improved teamwork and good relations within the community.
Nursing home leadership empowerment to adapt care processes to the residents’ needs as well as to leverage the staff profile and motivation within the given economic constraints.
The tools and techniques for introducing positive change to the nursing home through everyday leadership.
A study visit to a best-in-class facility in Stockholm to experience elderly and dementia care in Sweden.
A diploma of completion from Swedish Care International.

Who can learn?

Managers and management team members of nursing homes, elderly or dementia care facilities.
Care personnel who seek for further career development and have rich experience in care operations management.
If you are unsure whether you would benefit from this Dementia Leadership program, please contact SCI for guidance.


  • Training is delivered to small mixed groups of managers of elderly care facilities. Courses begin every Monday from September 7, 2020 onwards in Stockholm (see more information below). Minimum 5 students per group, maximum 15 students per group. Courses are available in Chinese, Japanese and Korean on selected dates and times.
  • The professional study visit is to one of Stockholm’s premier elderly and dementia care communities. This gives you an opportunity to tour the facility while engaging with your Swedish peer with a similar leadership role.
  • This program has been developed by Swedish experts in the elderly and dementia care sphere and is delivered by experienced trainers with wide care and management experience.
Queen Silvia in seminar

Education provider


Swedish Care International – an international dementia education company that brings Swedish knowledge and best practices to the world.

Upcoming training

See below the details of upcoming training for mixed groups of nursing home managers:

Stay informed for spring 2021 dates as well.

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