Course Overview

Today, competition between care providers is not on price but reputation, name recognition, quality of care, word of mouth and referrals from medical professionals. As a care provider, you may face possible difficulties in the industry such as finding qualified registered nurses and home health aides. With the increased number of home health care businesses, the demand for qualified employees is high. While little can be changed, it is always possible to ensure a solid and robust inhouse training system to get your team prepared.

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The Swedish Elderly Care e-learning program enables you as organisations to equip your team members with knowledge to ensure quality care and practical tips to address daily challenges. The course consists of 5 different modules that covers solid knowledge of caregiving in a daily setting, including basic medical knowledge in common elderly diseases, noticeable physical changes of an ageing body, dietary support and eating as well as caring for yourself to avoid burnout.

The course will help care organizations address these challenges and other questions:

  • What are the differences between normal ageing and cognitive disease?
  • What are the risks of age related diseases and how to reduce them?
  • How does brain function change as a result of age or disease?
  • How to enable my client to be more confident via enhancing independence?
  • How do I make eating more joyful?
  • How to address health risks related to nutrition?
  • What practices or activities can help with different situations related to physical change?
  • How can I manage my own feelings and stress?
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Throughout the process, learners will gain a deeper understanding and empathy for the experience of an elderly person.Learners have flexibility to take the course anywhere, anytime without being worried about being interrupted and  can redo the modules multiple times. 

Key Information

  • Format: Self-paced e-learning
  • Duration: approx. 20 hours (5 online modules including 20+ lessons), one-year access
  • Language: English
  • Target Group:Professional caregivers providing care in institutions, Home care providers
  • Education Provider: Swedish Care International
  • Price: Depends on number of users, please contact us

Benefits and features for organization

Diploma for organisation

Get Swedish Care International Diploma for your organization – show your clients and partners that your team is qualified and trained in Swedish elderly care.

Effective instructional methods

Enable effective learning through methods such as learning activities with self-paced study, and engagement through simulation and games.

Affordable and scalable

Reach all learners anytime, anywhere in a cost-effective way. Reach a wider target audience by engaging learners who have difficulty attending conventional classroom training (e.g. geographically dispersed).

Standardized assessment and knowledge follow up

Ensure the same level of training and evaluation. There is no dependence on a specific instructor, and everyone can access the content through the same platform and standardized tests.

Modern and highly engaging

Make use of cutting-edge trends – microlearning, gamification, adaptive learning, and interactive videos. Program is combined of short interactive lessons filled with practical cases and tips.

Transparent tracking and reporting

Follow and control your team members’ learning journey through our learning management system, see their progress and results in generated reports.


In order to ensure the best quality in our courses, we utilized best practices in instructional design and adult learning theory. Several stakeholders were included in the design and development phases of e-learning such as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), designers and testers.

The SMEs were qualified dementia care nurses and experts within the Silviahemmet methodology and have been awarded the certification by Sophiahemmet University, Stiftelsen Silviahemmet and HM Queen Silvia of Sweden. Throughout the whole project they were providing experience, expertise and guidance in dementia care methodologies and practices based on Silviahemmet’s care philosophy. We collaborated with in-house designers to develop an attractive user interface and produce our e-learning personas through whom the learners can empathize and learn more about dementia and how it affects the person and everyone else involved in the care. Testers from different socioeconomic and geographical backgrounds provided us with valuable feedback regarding the learner’s experience. 

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Education Provider


An international dementia education company that brings Swedish knowledge and best practices to the world.



"Now, I feel way more knowledgeable in addressing different challenges when taking care of my grandmother. I am also more comfortable in discussing and advising my other relatives that have not undergone any courses, suggesting to them a different point of view with an understanding that our beloved grandmother and her behavior is a result of a specific disease."

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